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ELENA DMITRIEVA, the Director-General of CJSC SITTEC

PhD in economic sciences. In business since 1992, since 1997 – in financial organizations which formed in 2003 IFD Kapital Group, investing in different economic sectors. Since 2008 – the manager of the project “Titanium” of IFD Kapital Group and the Director-General of CJSC SITTEC since the foundation of the company.

Dear people of Yarega! Congratulations on the 80th anniversary of the settlement!

Yarega has a glorious past, interesting and rich present, and a confident look to the future. Please, accept our sincerest congratulations on this jubilee. We wish Yarega and its wonderful people all the possible success and prosperity!

Yarega settlement

Despite its rather small territory Yarega settlement has played a vital role in the social and economic life of Northern Russia. The rich history of the industrialization of the territory began. in 1906, when the first mining department allocated to retired captain Yury Voronov 1200 dessiatinas (1311ha) of land in the area of the Ukhta river tributaries the Polovin-Yol and Yarega. Looking back over history, we should mention Ivan Strizhenov, who was a senior director at the department of oil industry of the Supreme Council of the USSR National Economy. In 1929 Ivan Strizhenov was repressed and sent to Komi. He and his companions made a crucial contribution to the development of oil industry in the North.

Yarega also played an important role in the Great Victory: during the Great Patriotic War Ukhta and Yarega supplied the country with bitumen lacquer, natural asphaltites, and other types of raw material, which were of strategic importance to the Military Industrial Complex. At the working front Soviet people showed courage, heroism and endurance akin to those demonstrated in military actions.

The present day

Today Yarega is a modern urban-type settlement with well-developed infrastructure. It contains unique resources of heavy oil and up to 40% of the country’s profitable titanium reserves. The most skilled and highly-qualified personnel work in Yarega for the good of the region and of the whole country. There is also a considerable progress in the implementation of the project of a new enterprise producing titanium coagulant – an innovative chemical for drinking water production and waste water purification.

SITTEC, which is part of IFD Kapital Holding, was established in 2008. The company is currently realizing the investment project of building a titanium coagulant production plant in the municipal unit “Ukhta urban district” nearby Yarega settlement. The project is being implemented in cooperation with LUKOIL Oil company and LUKOIL-Komi LLC, its subsidiary which produces Yarega deposit’s oil and titanium ore.

Titanium coagulant is a highly effective chemical for drinking water production and for the removal of specific contaminants from industrial and municipal waste water. Our product is really innovative. Pilot-scale tests, which have been carried out in Russia, EU, and in the countries of the Middle East, have shown considerable advantages of titanium coagulant. The most important of them is the high quality of purified water and economic efficiency which reduce water purification costs.

SITTEC Ltd. has already proved itself to be a modern and high technology enterprise. The company takes an active part in regional, federal, and international exhibitions and conferences devoted to water treatment issues. Although the project implemented by SITTEC is currently at the investment stage, the company is already in active dialogue with the regional authorities and participates in social partnership. Over 300 specialists are supposed to be employed after the start of the production. These will be primarily hired among local workers and specialists.

In 2012 SITTEC and the Komi Republic entered into a Cooperation Agreementaimed at realizing the project of building up and operating a titanium coagulant production plant. Under the Agreement SITTEC is allocating funds for the purchase of modern equipment for IT classrooms in Ukhta educational establishments. The same year SITTEC became a partner of a festival that was held in summer in Yb settlement.

The production is planned to start in the coming year 2013. The projected capacity is 25,000 tons of titanium coagulant produced per year.

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