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17.03.2015 Titanium coagulant – water treatment of the future Coagulation is one of the methods of industrial scale production of drinking water from surface sources (rivers, water reservoirs), and preparatory treatment of water prior to industrial application (steam generators, steam turbines), as well as of purification of industrial and municipal waste water.

17.03.2015 “Titanium” Project: High technologies linking up SITTEC Ltd. started the construction of a titanium coagulant plant in Nizhniy Domanik settlement in the Komi Republic

17.03.2015 First five years of SITTEC On 4 September 2013 SITTEC celebrates its first round anniversary – five years. This short period saw the young company achieve strong results and cross the bridge from brilliant idea to its fulfillment. State-of-the-art, innovative, eco-friendly, promising both for the industry and for the Komi Republic – it is hardly possible to find a better way to describe SITTEC.

25.03.2014 On the verge of a new era As we approach this important date – the fifth anniversary of LUKOIL-Engineering LLC – we would like to congratulate the company’s management and employees on its first jubilee!

07.03.2014 State-of-the-Art, Innovative, Eco-Friendly On 4 September 2013 SITTEC celebrated its first round anniversary – 5 years. This short period saw the company achieve strong results and cross the bridge from idea to implementation. No wonder that a company so promising for the industry and the Komi Republic aroused genuine interest in the 5th Northern Investment Forum participants.


16.01.2012 Pure water through innovations SITTEC Ltd. in close cooperation with LUKOIL-Komi LLC introduces the technology of production and use of titanium coagulant.

17.10.2011 Titanium coagulant for the nation’s health SITTEC Ltd. is building up a unique chemical production on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium resource.

01.03.2010 Water Treatment Magazine. March 2010 Application of titanium coagulant for water purification and water treatment

The review uses the data of OJSC “Yarega Oil and Titanium Company”
The programme covers a wide range of issues, concerning modern trends of development in the sphere of water treatment and purification, as well as certain aspects of technology and equipment market, and application of water treatment and water purification systems in different industries.

Application of titanium coagulant increases efficiency and productivity of water conditioning stations and reduces total cost of production of purified water