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First five years of SITTEC


First five years of SITTEC

SITTEC celebrates its fifth anniversary

On 4 September 2013 SITTEC celebrates its first round anniversary – five years. This short period saw the young company achieve strong results and cross the bridge from brilliant idea to its fulfillment. State-of-the-art, innovative, eco-friendly, promising both for the industry and for the Komi Republic – it is hardly possible to find a better way to describe SITTEC.

SITTEC Ltd., which is part of IFD Kapital Group, is realizing the project of building up titanium coagulant production on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium resource in the Komi Republic. Titanium coagulant is an innovative highly effective chemical for drinking water production, and industrial and municipal waste water treatment. The superior removal capacity of titanium coagulant is accounted for by the high adsorption capacity of titanium containing phases in the product, which has significant technical and economic advantages over other coagulants.

“There is no better disinfectant than soap, water, and common sense”

Sir William Osler, a remarkable 19st century Canadian physician, reflecting on disinfection said: “There is no better disinfectant than soap, water, and common sense.” But which are the most effective technologies used for purifying water in the 21st century, at the time when the vital resource is exposed to negative human impact and is never absolutely clear? Today you can have clear water only after a special purification process. This is the sphere where SITTEC operates realizing the project of building up titanium coagulant production.

SITTEC was founded in September 2008 as part of IFD Kapital Group for operating this project. The company works in close cooperation with LUKOIL-Komi LLC, a subsidiary of LUKOIL oil company, which supplies raw material – titanium ore of Yarega deposit, and there are far-reaching prospects for further development of this cooperation.

Timeline of events in the first five years

2008-2009. Preparatory period. The project operator is developed, design and process documents worked out, pilot-scale production and tests carried out, and construction documents prepared.

In 2010, the project of building up pilot-scale industrial production is positively assessed by the Principal State Expert Assessment Group.

November 2010. The company starts clearing the construction site area from trees and bushes.

December 2010. The construction site levelling starts, and an approach drive is constructed.

March 2011. Building and installation works at principal and support production facilities commence.

April 2011. On 20 April, a memorial capsule with a message for further generations is inserted at the construction site of the production complex. In the message, the participants in the project express their belief that the new product will considerably contribute to the protection of environment and health of current and future generations.

The insertion of the capsule follows a meeting-presentation on the titanium coagulant production project, held at the office of SITTEC branch. The meeting is attended by heads of the government of the Komi Republic, Ukhta Administration, management of LUKOIL-Komi and SITTEC, as well as by other partners and parties involved in the project.

May 2011. The general contractor commences the construction of the liquid chlorine warehouse – one of the principal buildings of the production complex. The liquid chlorine warehouse is designed by FSUE “RSC” Applied Chemistry” Design Institute (St. Petersburg). This is a technically complex innovative unique construction which meets all current requirements in industrial security and environmental protection.

In May 2011 Berlin hosts a special water technology exhibition and forum – WASSER BERLIN INTERNATIONAL 2011. SITTEC is among the participants in the event.

The same month SITTEC takes part in the Fourth Nevsky International Ecological Congress. The Congress recommends adopting regulatory acts, aimed at reducing emission of pollutants into water bodies and implementing highly efficient technologies of waste water treatment.

August 2011. SITTEC makes a report on titanium coagulant for the Environmental and Industrial Safety Department of LUKOIL Scientific and Technical Council. The report focuses on the application of titanium coagulant in technological processes of the fuel and energy complex. It considers the use of the product for the removal of specific contaminants from water, including reservoir water.

An important factor in titanium coagulant application is the extraordinary effectiveness of this chemical in removing oil and oil products from waste water. This provides for high demand for titanium coagulant in the fuel and energy complex facilities. SITTEC and LUKOIL agree on carrying out titanium coagulant tests in LUKOIL facilities of oil and gas production, oil processing, and power engineering sectors. The document is aimed at providing for titanium coagulant industrial-scale implementation after the attainment of projected capacity.

On 19 August 2011 SITTEC’s representatives participate in festive events dedicated to the Komi Republic’s 90th anniversary. SITTEC expresses its deep respect for the achievements of the Komi Republic and its authorities, as well as confidence that the long-term productive cooperation between the parties will continue to serve the interests of the Komi Republic and the Russian Federation.

October 2011. The project is at the investment stage, capital investments are made. Principal production facilities are constructed. Another party involved in the construction process is the company exercising independent control over the construction works quality. Tenders are held for the supply of equipment which is mainly non-standardized and hence is produced specially for titanium coagulant production.

2011-2012. SITTEC and the executive bodies of the Republic of Komi agree on a Plan of titanium coagulant tests in Komi water treatment facilities in 2011-2012.

Tests are carried out in Astrakhan Oblast in municipal water treatment plants and LUKOIL-Astrakhanenergo facilities.

The reagent is tested in numerous Russian cities – Norilsk, Usinsk, Astrakhan, Tyumen, Ukhta, Syktyvkar, Tobolsk, Perm, and others, with both municipal water treatment facilities, and industrial enterprises, including oil sector enterprises, involved. The test results are positive, but there is still a lot of work ahead.

2012-2013. Tests are carried out in EU counties and the Near East. The pilot-scale titanium coagulant application confirms considerable advantages of the reagent, primarily – the high quality of purified water and economic effectiveness: application of titanium coagulant reduces water treatment costs.

2012. SITTEC and the government of the Komi Republic enter into a Cooperation Agreement aimed at realizing the project of building up and operating a titanium coagulant production plant. Under the Agreement SITTEC appropriates funds for modern equipment for IT classrooms in Ukhta educational establishments. The same year the company becomes a partner of a festival held in Yb settlement. “We understand how important it is to support different social projects, including creative activities. One cannot overestimate the role of the ethno park as the heart of all these events”, stresses Elena Dmitrieva, Director-General of SITTEC.

January 2012. SITTEC commences the reconstruction of the oil and titanium ore enrichment factory. The history of the enrichment factory is quite interesting. In the 60s and 80s of the 20th century there were construction works on this production site. The constructed units were planned to be used for the try-out of the process of titanium ore enrichment and of production of titanium dioxide pigments. However due to changes in the country’s state and political structure and economic system the project was not implemented. After some time decisions as to the further use of the titanium resource were already taken by LUKOIL Oil Company, which bought the oil producing enterprises in the Komi Republic in 1999.

However, oil and titanium ore enrichment is just the middle of the production chain. It is followed by the chemical production site which receives supplies of enriched titanium concentrate through pipelines. Complex technological processes of production of titanium tetrachloride and synthesis of titanium coagulant – the ultimate product – will be carried out at the chemical production site.

April 2012. External utility networks construction at titanium coagulant production site starts. The external utility networks link the titanium coagulant production site both with the resources, and with the oil and titanium ore enrichment factory from which titanium will be transported to the production plant for deep processing and production of the ultimate product.

November 2012. SITTEC starts research into the possible development of nano-structured titanium coagulant with a higher effectiveness. “The development of advanced commercial technologies and new types of products is one of the goals of the company’s successful development,” – says Elena Dmitrieva, Director-General of SITTEC.

In November 2012 SITTEC makes a successful report on titanium coagulant at the International Titanium Industry Congress TZMI (Hong Kong) and takes part in the 10th International Water Forum AQUA UKRAINE – 2012 (Kiev).

January 2013. SITTEC undergoes voluntary certification of management systems related to titanium coagulant production. The certificates confirm that the company’s quality management system, as well as occupational safety and health management system, and environmental management system meet Russian and international standards.

March 2013. SITTEC and MUE (Municipal Unitary Enterprise) Astrvodokanal (Astrakhan) enter into an Agreement of intent. The parties agree to collaborate in applying titanium coagulant for water treatment according to the current process schemes of the water service company.

June 2013. SITTEC successfully carries out balancing and commissioning works and tests at the reconstructed and reequipped industrial pilot-scale enrichment factory. The factory equipment: a ball mill, block of flotation machines, as well as flotation tailings compression and filtration unit – are tested and proved to be fully operative and providing necessary productivity and product quality.

The same month SITTEC receives license for operating explosive and flammable production facilities. The license allows SITTEC to carry out the whole range of works with flammable, oxidizing, combustible, explosive substances, defined in the Federal Law “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”.

July 2013. SITTEC tests the pipelines of external utility networks of the titanium coagulant production plant with an overall length of more than 8km. The test results are positive and are accepted by the independent technical supervisor.

Confident outlook for the future

At the turn of years 2013-2014, the titanium coagulant production is supposed to attain the projected capacity with up to 35,000 tonnes of oil and titanium ore processed and around 25,000 tonnes of titanium coagulant produced per year. The new production will create 320 jobs, with the majority of employees chosen among local workers and specialists. From 2014, around 70% of the reagent is planned to be used in domestic market with export production totaling the remaining 30%. The company is going to continue the exploration of foreign markets, but it targets Russia as priority market intending to supply most part of titanium coagulant produced to Russian water supply and service companies, as well as to big industrial enterprises, which use large amounts of water for their process cycles.

This article dwells on the activity of SITTEC Ltd., an innovative company that works for the good of people by providing for water purification for industrial, drinking and household needs. In conclusion, we would like to quote the message of the head of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer to the State Council which summed up the results of 2012 and outlined principal trends for 2013. Speaking on economic situation the head of the region stressed the importance of major investment projects. In particular, Mr. Gaizer noted the significant role of SITTEC in the region’s economic and social life. “This year SITTEC completes balancing and commissioning works, and the production of titanium coagulant is going to attain the projected capacity of 25,000 tonnes per year. The production is supposed to create around 300 jobs,” said Vyacheslav Gaizer in his message.

We wish SITTEC success in the realization of their plans, reliable partners, and further prospects!

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