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SITTEC participates in the international scientific conference “Pitirim Sorokin and XXI Century Global Development Paradigms”


SITTEC participates in the international scientific conference “Pitirim Sorokin and XXI Century Global Development Paradigms”

Elena Dmitrieva, Director-General of CJSC SITTEC, also took part in the plenary meeting attended by Vyacheslav Gaizer, Head of the Komi Republic, and Syktyvkar State University scholars (Viktor Semyonov, Vladimir Ilyin, Anatoly Mikushev, Igor Goncharov, Pavel Krotov, Yury Kozyrev, Nikolay Zyuzev, and others). The meeting was held in the large hall of the Komi Republic State Council.

The conference comprised five sessions:

“The scientific legacy of Pitirim Sorokin and modern sociological theory in the USA and Russia”,

“Pitirim Sorokin’s views on social mobility, and specific character of social shifts in modern societies”,

“Present-day social conflicts and practice of their prevention as viewed by Pitirim Sorokin”,

“The significance of Pitirim Sorokin’s legacy for cultural studies, and socio-cultural portrait of the modern age”,

“Modern socio-cultural space in the light of scientific and philosophical legacy of Pitirim Sorokin”.

On 22 August a monument to Pitirim Sorokin was unveiled at the entrance to the main building of Syktyvkar State University. The ceremony was attended by Pitirim Sorokin’s son, Sergey Sorokin, Harvard and Boston Universities professor, who came from the United States. The sculpture depicted a simple man, he said, who was born in a small village to become a world-renowned scientist through hard work and commitment. Sergey Sorokin stressed that he had chosen the sculpture draft himself, adding that the stretched hands of the monument symbolized the scholar’s wish to convey his knowledge to new generation.

Syktyvkar State University announced its decision to name the university after Pitirim Sorokin. This was supported by the Head of the Komi Republic. Marina Istikhovskaya, Rector of Syktyvkar State University, stressed that apart from research there was also another objective for the university which was to acquaint Komi people with the many-sided personality of Pitirim Sorokin – an eminent ethnographer, statesman, literary scholar, historian, and sociologist.


SITTEC Ltd., which is part of IFD Kapital Group, is realizing the project of building up titanium coagulant production on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium resource (the Ukhta Region, the Komi Republic, the Russian Federation). Titanium coagulant is an innovative highly effective chemical for drinking water production, and industrial and municipal waste water treatment. The superior removal capacity of titanium coagulant is accounted for by the high adsorption capacity of titanium containing phases in the product, which has significant technical and economic advantages over other coagulants.

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