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Memorial capsule inserted at the construction site of titanium coagulant production complex


Memorial capsule inserted at the construction site of titanium coagulant production complex

April 20, 2011 witnessed a ceremony of insertion of a memorial capsule at the construction site of SITTEC industrial pilot-scale titanium coagulant production.

The ceremony was attended by Alexey Chernov, First Deputy President of the Komi Republic, Elena Dmitrieva, Director-General of CJSC SITTEC, Oleg Kazartsev, the acting head of the Ukhta administration, and Peter Oboronkov, Director-General of LUKOIL-Komi LLC and member of the State Council of the Komi Republic. The ceremony also gathered representatives of the participants in the project, as well as of state agencies and business partners.

Alexey Chernov stressed that this was the first Russian titanium coagulant production project of such a scale, and the first realized on a practical level project of the development of the titanium component of the unique Yarega oil and titanium deposit. The Yarega deposit’s titanium ore resources make up around 40 percent of titanium resources in Russia. This makes possible long-term production of titanium coagulant and other titanium containing products.

Elena Dmitrieva, for her part, noted that the application of titanium coagulant which will be produced in the Ukhta Region would considerably contribute to tackling issues concerning drinking water production and industrial and municipal waster water treatment.

The memorial capsule, which was symbolically made of titanium metal, contained a traditional message for further generations. The message stated the aims of the project, the benefits of which will be fully felt by future generations: “Dear descendants, people of Russia! This message was written and inserted into the memorial capsule on April 20, 2011 at the construction site of titanium coagulant production complex in the municipal unit “Ukhta urban district”, the Komi Republic. This event marks the collaboration between the Government of the Komi Republic, LUKOIL Oil company, IFD Kapital Group, introduced by SITTEC Ltd., and the administration of Ukhta, where titanium coagulant production is starting. We are convinced that the new production will make a considerable contribution to the protection of the environment and health of current and future generations. We hope that you will appreciate our contribution and care for future generations, and that after us you will continue to protect the environment and human health by developing environmentally friendly production.”

SITTEC plans the pilot-scale production to attain the projected capacity in 2013 with up to 50,000 tons of oil and titanium ore processed and 25,000 tons of titanium coagulant produced per year.

The start of the production will create new jobs. The majority of employees will be hired among workers and specialists living in Ukhta.

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