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Titanium coagulant, produced and delivered by SITTEC to its pioneer consumers


Titanium coagulant, produced and delivered by SITTEC to its pioneer consumers

17 November 2016 saw the first five railway wagons carrying titanium coagulant arrive at the station in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and delivered to consumers. The pioneer batch of titanium coagulant was at once put into application for purifying water used in flow deviation technology of oil production for oil recovery increase and hydrocarbon production growth.

SITTEC is going to continue the intense growth of coagulant production towards the full production capacity of the enterprise, to perform agreements concluded with consumers.

The titanium coagulant production plant operating on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium deposit started the industrial-scale production and delivery of coagulant in 2016. In October 2016, Rostekhnadzor expanded SITTEC’s licence for operating explosive flammable and chemically hazardous production facilities by adding a new object – Titanium coagulant production plant.

“We have started a new chapter in the development of SITTEC, in the metallurgical and chemical industries of our country and of the Komi Republic. This historical event marks the first commercial use of titanium in the whole 80-year history of Yarega deposit, the largest titanium resource in Russia. Consumers in the Western Siberia and other regions began titanium coagulant application. I would like to congratulate SITTEC’s team, as well as the administration and people of the Komi Republic, on this achievement. In 2016, SITTEC embarked on a stage of operating the production plant, which was built up during a few years according to the full innovative cycle – from a concept to the ultimate implementation of the product by consumers,” said Elena Dmitrieva, Director-General of SITTEC CJSC.

SITTEC Ltd., which is part of IFD Kapital Group, carries out titanium coagulant production on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium resource (the Ukhta Region, the Komi Republic, the Russian Federation). Titanium coagulant is an innovative highly effective chemical for drinking water production, and industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. The superior removal capacity of titanium coagulant is accounted for by the high adsorption capacity of titanium containing phases in the product, which has significant technical and economic advantages over other coagulants.

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