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SITTEC participates in a meeting with Moscow universities students and alumni


SITTEC participates in a meeting with Moscow universities students and alumni

The Permanent Representation of the Komi Republic to the President of the Russian Federation hosted an online meeting between senior students and alumni of the leading Moscow universities and the Komi Republic’s authorities and representatives of the region’s largest enterprises. Representatives of the Ministry of Industry, Natural Resources, Energy, and Transport from Syktyvkar, as well as employees of Ukhta, Usinsk, and Vorkuta enterprises spoke of future projects and current labour market directions in the Komi Republic. The conference hall in Moscow gathered over 70 participants – students and alumni of different Moscow universities.

The meeting was opened by Grigoriy Sarishvili, the Chairman of the Government of the Komi Republic. “We are interested in students, first of all those from the Komi Republic, but also those from other regions, coming to Komi. The very fact that you are here points to your commitment to tie your life to the Komi Republic. The region is rich in natural resources, we have all the country’s monopolists represented here, and these companies need professionals that would help expand their production,” said Mr. Sarishvili.

SITTEC was represented by Irina Mizova, Head of the Documentation Management and Human Resources Department of the company’s Ukhta branch. Ms. Mizova spoke of the enterprise, producing the unique product – titanium coagulant, of the company’s general labour policy aspects, opportunities for practical training, of jobs and employment prospects at the enterprise.

The next meeting is scheduled for November, with the participation of students and alumni and representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Youth Policy of the Komi Republic, and Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security of the Komi Republic.

SITTEC Ltd., which is part of IFD Kapital Group, carries out titanium coagulant production on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium resource (the Ukhta Region, the Komi Republic, the Russian Federation). Titanium coagulant is an innovative highly effective chemical for drinking water production, and industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. The superior removal capacity of titanium coagulant is accounted for by the high adsorption capacity of titanium containing phases in the product, which has significant technical and economic advantages over other coagulants.

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