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SITTEC holds meetings on cooperation development with heads of large Thai industrial enterprises


SITTEC holds meetings on cooperation development with heads of large Thai industrial enterprises

The first half of September saw SITTEC carry out negotiations with a number of large Thai manufacturers (Siam Cement Group, Thai Eastern Group) and leading water treatment and purification enterprises (Thai Tap Water PCL, Gobal Utility Service Co., Ltd.). The meetings held in Bangkok, Thailand, were devoted to cooperation and titanium coagulant application for water purification and wastewater treatment at the enterprises’ facilities.

During the meetings, SITTEC made a presentation on titanium coagulant, introducing its advantages over other methods of chemical water treatment. The parties also touched upon issues of carrying out laboratory research and pilot-scale tests. The Thai companies expressed profound interest in implementing the innovative product – titanium coagulant for water purification and wastewater treatment. The parties declared their intention to move speedily towards signing a Memorandum of possible cooperation after signing in the shortest possible time Confidentiality Agreements and starting to exchange information to agree the Schedule of laboratory and pilot-scale tests.

For information:
The Siam Cement Public Company Limited (SCG) is the largest cement company in Thailand, listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (Set). In 2011, the company was rated as the second largest company in the country and included in the world’s 620 largest companies, according to Forbes 2000.

Thai Eastern Group was founded in 1983 as a company specializing in agricultural production aimed at deriving caoutchouc and palm oil. At present, Thai Eastern Group is one of the world’s leading producers and exporters of natural caoutchouc and palm oil.

Gobal Utility Service Co., Ltd. GUSCO is one of the largest companies specializing in the supply of tap water, treatment of wastewater on the industrial facilities in the central part of Thailand.

Thai Tap Water Public Company Limited (TTW) is a supplier of tap water in Western Bangkok.

SITTEC Ltd., which is part of IFD Kapital Group, carries out titanium coagulant production on the basis of Yarega oil and titanium resource (the Ukhta Region, the Komi Republic, the Russian Federation). Titanium coagulant is an innovative highly effective chemical for drinking water production, and industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. The superior removal capacity of titanium coagulant is accounted for by the high adsorption capacity of titanium containing phases in the product, which has significant technical and economic advantages over other coagulants.

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