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Regulatory compliance

SITTEC’s Health, Safety, and Environment Management system is based on Russian legislation and developed following the world standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) as well as the advanced experience of professional associations.

The management of SITTEC stress the priority of health, safety, and environment issues in their activity by developing the Company’s policy aimed at:

  • Building and maintaining an effective health, safety and environment management system complying with Russian laws and international standards for health safety and environmental protection;
  • Reducing the number of occupational injuries and diseases, accidents rate, as well as adverse environmental impact, to the level corresponding to the world’s leading companies operating in the field;
  • Ensuring occupational and environmental safety based on systematic analysis and industrial risk management;
  • Constantly improving working conditions, as well as occupational and environmental safety.

We give top priority to issues of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). We consider HSE management as part and parcel of any business and as our contribution to steady development of society.

All the Company’s managers bear responsibility for achieving the goals and complying with HSE requirements, as well as for assigning responsibilities, allocating resources, and taking timely and appropriate measures to prevent accidents and maintain sufficient level of environmental protection.

Each employee is responsible for occupational safety in accordance with accepted instructions and procedures, for using operative equipment and personal protection equipment, as well as for reporting about dangers and risks detected at workplaces, using the right to stop work in case of any danger to his life or to the lives of other employees. All the employees of contracting and subcontracting organizations with which SITTEC has service contracts must strictly observe SITTEC’s HSE policy.

For each type of activity SITTEC has approvals, licences, and certificates confirming the right to carry out the relevant work. The certificates were obtained in accordance with Federal Law No. 99-FZ dated 04 May 2011 “On Licensing Individual Types of Activity” and Federal Law No. 116-FZ dated 21.08.1997 “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities.”

The hazardous production facilities of SITTEC were registered in the state register of hazardous production facilities following Government Decree No. 1371 dated 24.11.1998 “On Registration of Facilities in the State Register of Hazardous Production Facilities.”

For emergency case at a hazardous production facility, SITTEC has signed agreements with civil liability insurance companies for damages to life, health, or property of people and to environment, in accordance with Federal Law No. 225-FZ dated 27.07.2010 “On mandatory insurance of civil liability of the owner of a hazardous facility for damages inflicted by an emergency at the hazardous facility” and with “The rules of mandatory insurance of civil liability of the owner of a hazardous facility for damages inflicted by an emergency at the hazardous facility (Government Decree No. 916 dated 03.11.2011).

Planned training of SITTEC’s non-staff emergency response team continues in Ukhta.

The emergency response team is fully supplied with all the necessary equipment and reserve equipment, including insulating and filtering breathing protection equipment, relevant checking devices, balloon air compressor, and with other necessary equipment.

Professional emergency response teams have stated that the quality of the equipment of SITTEC’s non-staff rescue team surpasses that of the majority of professional emergency response units.

Environmental protection, preservation of natural resources and their diversity, efforts at minimizing the adverse impact of production on fauna and flora are key components of the Company’s activity.

SITTEC’s principled stand is that the Company has always considered HSE level as one of the most important parameters of management quality, required for strong development of a business!