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Company's social activity

SITTEC takes an active part in dealing with social issues in the Komi Republic, which is an important component of the company’s strategy and one of the key principles of socially responsible business. Many representatives of business community have considerable experience in realizing social programmes which are not directly related to production, including numerous charitable programmes. SITTEC’s aid is direct and targeted and rests on the professional experience and human potential of the region. The company’s social activity covers the following areas:

  • Cooperation with local authorities

    SITTEC and the government of the Komi Republic have signed a Cooperation Agreement. Under the Agreement, the parties cooperate in the sphere of social development of the Komi Republic. SITTEC guarantees:
    • observance of labour rights, social orientation of decisions and measures aimed at maintaining existing jobs and creating new jobs in the Komi Republic;
    • observance of labours’ rights in issues regarding labour relations and measures concerning corporate and social responsibility;
    • compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, observance of rights for and guarantee of occupational safety under the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law “On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities”, as well as under social programmes and other laws and regulations containing employment and labour norms;
    • improvement of living standard in the Komi Republic, including participation in the development of social infrastructure objects in the Komi Republic municipalities, where the Company conducts its business.

The Republic of Komi on its part:

  • Helps to create necessary conditions for complex development of Yarega oil and titanium deposit;
  • Provides the Company with coverage in mass media and various presentations to sustain its reputation;
  • At the Company’s request arranges for taking measures at developing laws and other regulations of the Komi Republic defining the way and grounds for providing state support to business entities;
  • In accordance with the Komi Republic’s legislation considers the Company’s application for state support in innovative and investment activities, and for organizational and advisory support;
  • In accordance with the established procedure considers possible changes to licence conditions with regard to the period of using mineral resources and to the expansion of licenced sites;
  • At the Company’s request considers, in accordance with the established procedure, issues concerning registration of rights for immovable properties and land;
  • Helps the Company introduce titanium coagulant at water treatment and supply facilities;
  • At the Company’s request will consider possible tax relief allowed for by Russian and Komi legislation for projects carried out in the Komi Republic.

  • Social investments
    • Asylums and educational establishments support

      In 2012-2013 SITTEC provided support to a number of educational establishments: School No. 4, School No. 8, Ukhta Technical Lyceum named after Rassokhin, Humanitarian and Pedagogical Lyceum, School No. 3, School No. 10, School No. 9, Gymnasium of Foreign Languages. SITTEC appropriated funds for equipment, interactive boards, and special furniture for IT classrooms.

    • Social projects – Ybitsa

      The Ybitsa project initiated in 2011 in the Komi Republic comprises two separate events: Ybitsa International Finno-Ugric Multifestival, and Winter Ybitsa Sports festival. These events with two different contents are carried out in the ethnocultural Finno-Ugric park in Yb settlement twice a year – in summer and winter.
      For several years now SITTEC has been an official partner and sponsor of these events.

    • Sponsorship and traditional charity programmes (Targeted aid)

      Support to war and labour veterans, the disabled, and socially disadvantaged groups of population in Yarega settlement.